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On this on demand website you can (re)watch the “Cystic Fibrosis Year in Review 2017” event, that took place on January 17th 2018.

During this live broadcast an international expert panel discussed the latest scientific highlights of the two most important Cystic Fibrosis Congresses of 2017, the ECFS and NACFC.

The expert panel included:

- Prof. Dr. Christiane De Boeck from Belgium speaking about:

 Correction of the CFTR function in CF

- Dr. Jeffrey Beekman from the Netherlands speaking about:

 Personalized medicine in CF

- Dr. Marianne Skov from Denmark speaking about:

 New advances in antimicrobial treatment in CF

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Key speakers

Dr. Harry Heijerman

Dr. Harry Heijerman

Head of Pulmonology at UMC Utrecht and founder of the first CF center in the Netherlands. He recently received a Royal award for his special contributions to the CF community in the Netherlands.

Prof. Dr. Christiane De Boeck

Prof. Dr. Christiane De Boeck

Professor and Clinic Head at University of Leuven, specialized in pediatric lung diseases such as asthma, CF, lung infections as well as genetic lung and chest diseases

Dr. Jeffrey Beekman

Dr. Jeffrey Beekman

Basic and Clinical Research, focusing on exploring biomarkers for individualized care. Jeffrey won the 2017 ERS Excellence Award and became ECFS person-of-the-year.

Dr. Marianne Skov

Dr. Marianne Skov

Leading pediatrician at Copenhagen pediatric CF Center, ongoing research around the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of CF

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